Advanced analytics solution for electric power systems


Utilities face new challenges, regulatory changes, and an increase in sources and types of data to analyze. Advanced insights enable utilities to make better-informed decisions faster and more consistently for their critical power infrastructure and manage evolving risks. Our asset management solution automates the process of investment scenario planning to support data-driven forecasting and lifecycle investment planning for the grid.

  • Comprehensive analytics – ENGINTM covers a wide range of analytics from asset condition assessment to failure consequence analytics to bottom-up reliability forecast to cash flow analytics to historized planning to source and load at risk analytics and more, enabling clients to manage their risk exposure.
  • Single source of truth – A single dashboard for utility asset insights that easily integrates various data sources to provide a full asset performance picture.
  • Easy navigation - Our easy-to-navigate interface makes data analysis effortless for utility asset managers. Behind our easy-to-navigate interface is a robust asset management system that monitors the complex aspects of electric systems.
  • Data integration - Cloud-based SaaS that easily integrates with a variety of technologies covering the various methods our clients need to exchange data with ENGINTM.
  • Industry specialized - ENGINTM is an asset analytic accelerator that is transmission & distribution specialized. We come from a pedigree of utility providers and consulting organizations in the utility industry.

Upgrade your asset management process.



Transparency in our data and scenarios has been built into all aspects of the ENGIN platform. We provide the whole picture including key data points required to make informed decisions so you can work smarter.


ENGIN™ evaluates interconnected systems from the ground up. We evaluate systems-level options and data so you have the intelligence you need to maintain optimal performance of your transmission and distribution infrastructure.


ENGIN™ ensures that users get consistent, measurable and repeatable results. Our automated process does the heavy lifting for your investment planning and outcome forecasting scenarios. It quickly gives feedback on your forecasts ensuring they are data-driven and auditable so you can make better decisions, faster.


ENGIN™ is a data-driven platform that automates the process of investment scenarios and forecasting. These forecasts give you ready-to-use analytics, with objective risk analysis that leverages real science and expert-informed.

< 6 months

From close to zero analytics to full analytics

78+ million

Assets analyzed

774+ billion

Asset analytic calculations performed

10% - 15%

Improvement in reliability to customers

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