Electric load forecasting project

We created an electric load forecasting tool to help our client proactively determine load growth for their distribution system more efficiently.

Inadequate planning of electricity supply and transmission & distribution infrastructure capacity can pose risks to the communities utilities serve, making load forecasting a critical planning function for utilities. Many utilities have varying tools they use for this process including internally built excel based spreadsheets. Maintaining, upgrading and distributing these tools can take time away from the system planners’ ability to complete detailed analysis. This is why our client engaged Engineered Intelligence to build a tool that automates the annual load forecast process to leave more time for analysis of results and planning the right solutions.

How did we help? We developed ENGIN™ Load Forecast - a cloud-based software tool that provides the ability to analyze multiple load demand factors including emerging technologies (electric vehicles and photovoltaic), and run multiple different scenarios to provide the analytics needed so our client can make important decisions on load growth, load transfers, voltage control, network reconfiguration, and infrastructure development.  ENGIN™ Load Forecast also provides our client the ability to run endless “what-if” analyses to extract new insights and it provides the ability to automate the top-down forecast for system peak load (including sub-system breakdown) using regression and deterministic modelling.

The outcome? Our client no longer needs to dedicate resources to maintaining their previous excel-based tool and can focus on the analysis of the data ensuring that their customers will continue to have reliable power now and into the future.

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