Underground cable replacement program

Committed to supporting utilities with their assessments of power delivery infrastructure assets now and in the coming years.

Many of our clients have ongoing programs to proactively monitor and replace underground electric cables that lead to fewer power outages for their customers. The problem that they were all facing ,“how do you select the best cable segments for replacement amongst a large population of aged cables?”

Utilizing the grid connectivity model in ENGIN™, utilities were able to leverage failure history, customer impact costs, and financial impact costs in addition to historical drivers such as age, cable type, burial method etc., to prioritize cable segments for intervention. The data collected led to utilities developing a repeatable and justifiable process for analyzing the entire system in as little as a few hours.

For one Canadian utility, prior to implementing ENGIN™, the process of analyzing this large data set would take one engineer 1 week of data preparation before analyzing. Now it only takes a few hours with ENGIN™. This represents a significant time and cost savings and allows more time for detailed analysis and decision-making.

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