December 21, 2022

2022 Year in Review

Together, we gained advanced insights
This year, ENGINTM clients used our platform to collectively perform calculations on over 445 billion asset analytics and analyze over 43 million assets, resulting in better planning for managing a reliable grid cost-effectively. 

We made ENGINTM work smarter
We expanded the breadth of planning through our ENGINTM LIVE and Load Forecast features, while making the core asset risk analytics more extensive and configurable. Supporting tools added throughout the year allow for more direct access to information to allow our clients to run more scenarios faster.  

Technology moved us forward
We released over a dozen new features/enhancements – all focused on making ENGINTM a single source of truth for utility asset insights and we launched a new electric load forecasting tool that was developed directly with a client. 

Continual client commitment
Spent 1,500+ hours in client implementations and post implementation support in 2022 alone!!! Going above and beyond, we provided support where our clients needed us…we conducted planning and utility insight sessions and led risk tolerance discussions. 

Our team grew
As offices began to open back up (and we moved to a new office building in Calgary), we focused on building a hybrid team that stays connected and works seamlessly. We invested in people this year and had strategic hires in product development, sales and marketing, human resources and on our sustainment and implementation team. 

Values-driven organization
As a team we brainstormed and re-established our corporate values - Teamwork, Customer Commitment, Ownership, Innovation & Diversity are our values that will drive our business forward. For more information, please checkout the About Us section of our website. 

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