January 30, 2023

Engineered Intelligence and Digital Engineering partner to include weather considerations in ENGIN’s asset health calculations

ENGINTM is an automated, data-driven platform that evaluates an asset’s age, its remaining lifespan, and when assets need to be repaired, refurbished, or replaced so utilities can plan accordingly. Digital Engineering has developed proven modelling techniques to accurately predict the condition of conductors and fittings with a high likelihood of defects. This is based on state-of-the-art weather simulations and asset response models. The combination of these two strategies supports more accurate and cost-effective asset management strategies, more reliable systems, and predictable maintenance programs.

Managing Director of Digital Engineering, Rob Sunderland, is looking forward to the partnership: “We are really excited about what ENGINTM can do for clients when powered with Digital Engineering’s asset health data.”

“The integration of weather effects into ENGINTM’s already effective approach, will allow our clients to further customize their asset condition strategy, which is extremely important to us,” explains Engineered Intelligence’s CEO, Ted Zalucki.

Utility customers are now able to incorporate predictions from historical weather data within their fully customizable asset condition analyses.

About Digital Engineering Ltd.

The Digital Engineering team consists of subject matter experts in energy systems, meteorologists, data scientist, mathematicians, and software developers.  This diversity allows them to incorporate skills from different technical areas and solve problems creatively.  They deploy models using advanced analytics utilising AI and machine learning where appropriate.  They deliver pioneering new services that are fundamentally altering the way the energy industry operates – helping to boost performance, optimize maintenance, improve safety, reduce consumer downtime and add value.

For additional information on Digital Engineering, please visit https://digital-engineering-ltd.com/.


About Engineered Intelligence:

Engineered Intelligence enables grid management by accelerating data-driven decision making for power utilities. We offer power system software solutions that provide insights to minimize risk and create smarter investment decisions. We are a power infrastructure technology company with an integrated team of engineers with electrical utility experience, full stack software developers, and an operations group with energy-sector expertise. The result is an innovative asset analytic accelerator that is built only for utilities. We don’t do anything else. With our understanding of grid-level assets we provide a white-glove experience for our clients. From implementation to sustainment to supporting in the development of regulatory proceedings, we pride ourselves on fully supporting our clients manage their grids safely, reliably, and cost effectively. 

For additional information on Engineered Intelligence, please visit https://www.engineeredintelligence.com/.

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