November 7, 2022

New electric load forecasting software ENGIN launched by Engineered Intelligence.

New electric load forecasting software ENGIN launched by Engineered Intelligence.

Engineered Intelligence Inc. (Engineered Intelligence), a power infrastructure technology company, has officially launched ENGINTM Load Forecast. The product is added to Engineered Intelligence’s growing portfolio of automated, data-driven grid management tools to aid utilities with demand forecasting.

Innovative ENGIN Load Forecast: Revolutionizing Utility Demand Forecasting

ENGINTM Load Forecast is a unique bottom-up forecasting tool that accounts for the addition of distributed energy resources (DERs), electric vehicles (EVs) and traditional load growth factors, and allows for the analysis of multiple forecast scenarios. It includes visual dashboards to review results or perform on-the-fly sensitivity analysis to quickly analyze new scenarios.

With ENGINTM Load Forecast utilities can understand their future system demand and pinpoint where load growth is expected for targeting transmission and distribution infrastructure investment.

Enhancing Grid Management: Engineered Intelligence Unveils Advanced Forecasting Tool

Empowering electric utilities with the right tools for their critical planning functions has always been central to Engineered Intelligence‘s goal to develop new solutions for our clients as they maneuver through the energy transition and ensure electricity supply meets demand, uninterrupted. “ENGINTM Load Forecast helps us do more scenarios much more efficiently,” said Leonard Huynh, Manager, Distribution System Growth and Assets at ENMAX.“

Our team’s experience has been great and most importantly, with a strong roadmap of improvements in grid transition use cases and connected to the asset management process, we are all focusing on planning the grid rather than building our own tools."

Chris Rockx, Head of Product at Engineered Intelligence, said “ENGINTM Load Forecast was developed directly with our clients, and with its addition to our product suite, we remain a leading-edge technology firm focused on our clients' needs.

ENGINTM Load Forecast expands the range of investment drivers which utilities can evaluate in our products to make the best possible investment decisions considering the evolving conditions of the grid.”

About Engineered Intelligence:

Engineered Intelligence enables grid management by accelerating data-driven decision making for power utilities. We offer power system software solutions that provide insights to minimize risk and create smarter investment decisions. We are a power infrastructure technology company with an integrated team of engineers with electrical utility experience, full stack software developers, and an operations group with energy-sector expertise.

The result is an innovative asset analytic accelerator that is built only for utilities. We don’t do anything else. With our understanding of grid-level assets we provide a white-glove experience for our clients. From implementation to sustainment to supporting in the development of regulatory proceedings, we pride ourselves on fully supporting our clients manage their grids safely, reliably, and cost effectively.

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