September 16, 2022

CEATI and Engineered Intelligence partner to provide utilities with asset management analytics

Engineered Intelligence Inc. announces it has entered into a strategic alliance with CEATI, a collaborative research and best practice sharing organization focused on the utilities industry. Through the partnership, CEATI members will gain access to custom analytics capabilities and data-driven insights from the ENGINTM platform, while ENGINTM users will benefit from CEATI’s extensive library of best practices, network of technical advisors and access to industry events.  This is all a part of each company’s vision to “democratize infrastructure analytics”.

According to Ted Zalucki, CEO & Co-founder of Engineered Intelligence: “Having our existing and future utility users as CEATI members, and using best practices in equipment condition frameworks, it’s only natural to bring ENGINTM and CEATI together and build the living infrastructure modelling platform.”

Alex Johnston, CEO of CEATI added: “With so many critical investments to make in resiliency and grid modernization, it’s never been more important for utilities to make strategic, risk-informed decisions about their legacy assets. ENGIN’s data-driven decision models will compliment our condition assessment best practices, helping our members optimize their maintenance resources and invest more confidently in the future.”

About CEATI:

CEATI is a member-driven information services business with over 160 global utilities participating and an extensive network of engineering contractors, universities and experienced technical advisors who support them. CEATI manages over 20 specialized Interest Groups covering many essential aspects of power generation, transmission, and distribution. Each Interest Group addresses mission-critical priorities through a variety of peer-to-peer interactions, benchmarking solutions, conferences & seminars. CEATI members also benefit from tremendous network effects through shared-cost research and development initiatives, and have direct input into the research agenda to ensure alignment with their top priorities.

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About Engineered Intelligence:

Engineered Intelligence enables grid management by accelerating data-driven decision making for power utilities. We offer power system software solutions that provide insights to minimize risk and create smarter investment decisions. We are a power infrastructure technology company with an integrated team of engineers with electrical utility experience, full stack software developers, and an operations group with energy-sector expertise. The result is an innovative asset analytic accelerator that is built only for utilities. We don’t do anything else. With our understanding of grid-level assets we provide a white-glove experience for our clients. From implementation to sustainment to supporting in the development of regulatory proceedings, we pride ourselves on fully supporting our clients manage their grids safely, reliably, and cost effectively.

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