May 6, 2021

New AI partnership elevates asset management automation at Engineered Intelligence

Qii.AI optical inspection technology to enhance investment planning and outcome forecasting

Calgary, Canada - Engineered Intelligence Inc. (EII), a power infrastructure technology startup helping utility companies manage their assets and avoid failure, is partnering with Qii.AI to bolster its asset management offering with AI-powered visual inspection data.

A full-stack AI platform that allows users to label, train, and manage their image-based inspection data, Qii.AI’s technology will enhance ENGIN customers’ experience by adding another level of intelligence to their investment planning and outcome forecasting processes.

Through this partnership, utility customers will benefit from Qii.AI’s powerful image-based Computer Vision technology being integrated into the ENGIN platform and further automating the traditional asset condition assessment workflows which exist today.

Together, EII and Qii.AI are providing utilities with an end-to-end solution that will assist utility teams in doing their jobs more effectively, and giving them more time to focus on higher value tasks.

According to Qii.AI CEO, Michael Cohen, “the ENGIN platform from EII is a natural fit for Qii.AI, with a lot of overlap between the ENGIN userbase and our target users in the energy sector, from hydro transmission tower to power station inspectors. There is no question that we see a growing need for innovative tools that enable organization-specific, AI-assisted inspections of all kinds of assets, while allowing users to maintain complete control of their data. We are very excited to be delivering these solutions alongside the excellent team from EII.”

“This is a meaningful partnership for EII and our ENGIN platform, as we are certain that the data gaps experienced by every utility are closing quickly with the introduction of AI-assisted inspection tools,” added CEO of EII, Ted Zalucki.

“We too often see companies making robust claims about their ability to detect very granular defects, when the reality is that the labelled datasets to make this possible don’t exist. Qii.AI is changing that, and like EII, focuses on automating manual processes first, giving customers the power to complete their infrastructure inspection and feed the technology at the same time to build an automated process.

“Partnering with the Qii.AI team that believes in our data-driven ethos is an exciting moment for us, and our customers.”

To learn more about Qii.AI’s unique offering, please visit

About Engineered Intelligence Inc. and ENGIN

Engineered Intelligence Inc. is the power infrastructure technology startup behind ENGIN, a single, transparent playbook for utility providers. An automated, data-driven platform, ENGIN uses advanced data analytics to monitor the complex aspects of electric systems so utilities can plan accordingly and avoid failure. With a team of former utility workers and consultants, EII has used its sector expertise to develop a user-friendly platform for utility analytics that delivers the insights that matter. For more information on Engineered Intelligence Inc. and ENGIN, please visit

About Qii.AI

Qii.AI is the only AI-powered remote inspection solution that allows users to label, train, and manage their own drone and smart device data, solving your need for organization-specific inspection AI. Qii.AI’s cloud-based platform gives you secure access to all your inspection data, supporting fast, accurate collaboration across your team — wherever they may be. To learn more about Qii.AI’s unique offering, please visit

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