June 15, 2023

Cultivating a culture of connection

Engineered Intelligence is more than just a collection of exceptional professionals spread out geographically. So, how did we build a culture of connection over such a great distance? By choosing the right people with not only the necessary skillsets but by building a team on a strong foundation of shared values. By prioritizing the right people and upholding our core values, we have created an environment where collaboration, customer commitment, innovation, diversity, and ownership thrive.

Our four key values are an essential element of our business. Its through these values, we will not only continue to love our experience as members of the team, but we will also continue to reach new heights of success as a business as well as within our individual careers.

Value 1 - Teamwork; Great people do great things. We invest in our people and work together to achieve both individual and shared goals.

  • Our people are paramount. We don’t just employ them; we get to know them.
  • We celebrate not only their professional accomplishments, but also their personal milestones.
  • We ensure their needs are met, they are challenged appropriately, and they grow continuously.
  • We enjoy spending time together and nurture collaboration through multiple channels of deliberate professional and social interactions among our teams as well as throughout the organization.

Value 2 - Customer Commitment; Our customers were our inspiration, now they are our focus.

  • What challenges are our customers and their industry facing? How can we continue to solve these challenges? How can we make what’s going well go even better and be more sustainable? Understanding our customers is as important as understanding our people. We listen, we ask questions, and we listen again.
  • We take the time to consider creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions.
  • We update our product features to customize to the needs of our customers.
  • We go beyond sales, and ensure top-notch service, delivery, and implementation.

Value 3 – Innovation & Diversity; We explore how to do what has yet to be done; We celebrate the limitless value diverse teams bring to innovation.

  • Innovation and diversity are linked together at Engineered Intelligence Inc. as it best describes how we recognize the significance diversity brings to the business. Diversity in outlook, thinking, culture, religion, upbringing, skillsets, experience, etc. lead to more perspectives to the table. Those perspectives advance innovation!
  • We are proud to be part of a deeply diverse team of individuals from all over the world.
  • We enjoy learning about each other and our cultures.

Value 4 – Ownership; We take initiative to exceed expectations and exercise accountability every step of the way.

  • Ownership builds a culture of accountability, trust, and support, which strengthens the connections with our teams and with our customers.
  • We all understand and take pride in owning our individual impact on the business.
  • We face challenges with a focus on what we can do to overcome vs dwelling on what has gone wrong.
  • We aspire to exceed expectations through practicing the highest levels of accountability in all internal and external interactions.

There is no greater privilege in our careers than to work with a great team of like-valued individuals. People you enjoy working with. Building something great together. Supporting each other. Counting on each other. Sharing so much of our lives together, therefore taking interest in each other outside of our professional contributions. That is our culture of connection here at Engineered Intelligence Inc.


Celeste Oddone is the Director of Human Resources at Engineered Intelligence. Celeste is a passionate Human Resources professional with 14 years’ corporate experience including 8 years in HR and 6 years in Finance. Equipped in the art of discretion when handling sensitive matters with the highest level of dignity and professionalism.

Celeste leverages her talent in building relationships and empowering those around her. Taking the time to create and maintain genuine connections has been key to her success in building trust, enhancing accountability, fostering innovation, coaching, and strategically leading healthy and productive organizations.

Recognized as a conscientious, trusted and approachable HR professional best known for tailoring strategic HR solutions in partnership with C-Suite leadership. Celeste combines business mindedness and big-picture corporate strategy with a focus on culture, client service and dual advocacy for the business and its people.

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